Beta Vakum

Was founded in 1983 and it is currently operating in a 2000 m2 closed area in Ankara.

Beta Vakum is specialist on Thermoforming and Extrusion products.Beta Vakum which is the first company to have extrusion machine in the city, is always innovator and aiming more forward.Moreover, The products, which are portable spike barrier and extinguisher backpack, have proven our expertise in this field by not compromising quality standards at domestic and abroad.

35 years Experience
Years of Specialty
We have manufactured our products with customer oriented percept since the day we were founded.
2000 m2 Closed Factory Area
Wide Factory Field Capacity
we have carried on the activity,which is coming from the many sectors, with our factory and workforce.
High Quality and Unique Products
Various Plastic Products
We have proven that we are beyond standarts for our customers by increasing reliable service quality day by day.
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Beta Vakum Plastik A.Ş

We are specialized in manufacturing Extinguisher Backpack, Portable Spike Barrier,Extrusion Plastic Sheets and Thermoforming.

We meet your needs in plastic sector with productions of Thermoforming and Extrusion Line.

Plastic Sheet Width
Plastic Sheet Thickness
Different sectors
Extrusion Machine Park

Offer request for all your needs in Thermoforming and Extrusion plastic sheets.